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Makoto Sugimoto has been involved in guitar design, production, hand crafting and maintenance of guitars and basses since 1976. He has spent most of that time working as an elite member of one of Japans premier instrument manufacturers. In 2002 Mr. Sugimoto founded "Sugi Musical Instruments Ltd." From the first day the focus has been to handcraft instruments of the highest level with no compromise in craftsmanship, sound or playability.
In the few short years since the founding of Sugi Musical Instruments, we have grown to become a recognized force in the Japanese music scene. Our extreme attention to quality and detail, coupled with our fresh innovative original designs have been recognized by leading professional musicians and the everyday musician as well. Founded by industry veteran Nick Sugimoto, and made up of some of the most talented craftsmen in Japan, Sugi guitars are proud to now present themselves to the worlds music scene.

Sugi Musical Instruments Inc.

Makoto “Nick” Sugimoto

Makoto “Nick” Sugimoto
Chief Design Engineer / Master Craftsman

Due to the influence of my parents who were involved in guitar manufacturing, I was close to making musical instruments before it was even something I understood. As I grew up the Beatles and Rolling Stones appeared, I was interested in playing when I became a junior high school student because of them. I tried to get a guitar, but at this time, American guitars were very expensive luxury items, The Japanese guitars that we, as students could afford, couldn't match the quality of American guitars.
And though it was vague, I started to feel that I wanted to get a job in music...I wanted to go to the United States and experience real music, and decided to go to the United States in 1976 when I was in college.
The reason why I was in America was because I wanted to listen to BB KING live, but first of all, I needed money to live.
I started a part-time job for guitar repair at a guitar company.
However, when I listened to the performances of the Americans who worked together in the United States at that time, I felt "This music is American, but I can't succeed by playing, but I can win if I make a guitar."
I started to feel like guitar making and returned to Japan the following year.
The year after that, I joined the current Fujigen Co., but at that time, I still remember in my mind, "After all, I think that electric guitars are not all made in America" In the late 1970s, major artists all over the world started using Japanese-made products, and until the 1980s I made guitars for many artists.
Even in the guitar scene, new styles and techniques appeared with Eddie Van Halen as the lead, creating many super technicians and guitar kids, and many mass production models came out.
It was a good era when the guitar production scene such new brands and original shapes were designed and "sold. However, as the mainstream of production at the time in Japan was OEM (Original Equipment Brand), there was no place for individuals with ability and passion. I would like a guitar like this... But I can't make it without the planning of the customer who ordered it.... OEM life has no place for individual creativity. A lot of questions and aspirations presented themself, such as "Is that the mark that I have made in the industry?", and finally, My dream was to make a guitar that I thought, I want to leave our footprint in in the world, I thought that "I will let everyone play guitars that are going to be called vintage instruments in 20 or 30 years!" Our instruments our designs our craftsmanship that we build today will deserve the title of vintage in tomorrows market. That is our vision that is our goal.
In June 2002 I started manufacturing guitars with my uncle Mitsuo Tsukada as the original brand Sugi Guitar. Mr Tsukada is a Master Luthier, having made George Bensons personal instrument amoung others. Now with 11 talented staff who love guitar making, we will build MADE IN JAPAN Mastercrafted instruments for everyone.
I am convinced that you will feel the craftsmanship in every detail, such as wood, construction, painting, and set-up. In Japan we have achieved the recognition as the best of the best in our instruments, now we want the world to experience them.

Makoto “Nick” Sugimoto

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