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Sugi Musical Instruments Ltd. practices a policy of complete confidentiality.
Our relationship with you is personal and private and no information of our business will ever be shared with anyone.


Prices, and Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Please feel free to contact us at anytime.


Sugi Musical Instruments Ltd. (SMI Ltd.) are warranted for life to the original owner against faulty materials and workmanship, subject to the following guidelines and conditions. If your SMI Ltd. fails to meet the guidelines of this warranty, SMI Ltd. will repair or replace the instrument at our sole discretion.

The following conditions and exclusions apply to this warranty.


  • Any instrument damaged by misuse, negligence, accident or improper use are not covered by this warranty.




  • Exposure to extremes in temperature or humidity are not covered by this warranty.




  • Normal “wear and tear” to the instrument and components such strings, tuning machines, battery, frets and finish are not covered by this warranty. Plating of the metal parts are not covered by this warranty.




  • The playability of the instrument is not warranted if the “set-up” of the instrument is altered outside the range deemed standard by SMI Ltd.



The sales receipt is considered your proof of purchase and MUST be presented for any and all warranty work. Failure to present a valid sales receipt will void the warranty.

No other warranties are expressed or implied other than the specific points clearly outlined in this warranty. SMI Ltd. excludes any and all implied warrantys herewith.