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Tim Wilson


I’d like to introduce one another Guitar Series which is collaborated with respectable guitar craftsman in US Tim Wilson.

You must check this out at NAMM from Jan. 13 till 16 .

At Sugi Musical Instruments Ltd. booth #1349 Hall E.

Sugi has designed and developed a new model, the RAINMAKER ™ electric guitar, which will be fully crafted in California by Master guitar builder Tim Wilson.
As the newest member of the Sugi team, Tim brings with him a full three decades of engineering and guitar building experience. While his name is not a household item, his work has been nothing less than legendary. As Jackson/Charvel’s original master builder, Tim was instrumental in bringing many of the models they are known for today into existence: the ‘Randy Rhoads’, ‘Soloist’, and ‘Dinky Strat’ were all created from prototypes he made between 1979 and 1980. Much of his early work with patterns, tooling and manufacturing processes are still in use to this day. As their chief engineer, he pioneered the mathematics behind the compound radius fingerboard (now copied by the most elite brands in the world) and invented a machine to accurately cut this shape on guitar necks. Many consider this to be the secret behind the playability made famous by the Charvel guitars of the early 1980’s. Later, as plant manager, he worked with a number of different artists (including Dave Mustaine, Phil Collen, and Scott Ian) to design their signature models and help bring them to market. As general manager of Jackson/Charvel from 2002 to 2007, he oversaw the brand’s successful transition to Fender ownership.
Today, Tim Wilson has agreed to bring his talents to the Sugi team, spear-heading their newest ground breaking project, SUGI U.S.A. Guitars.
Sugi guitars’ RAINMAKER model, like all Sugi instruments, was designed by Nick Sugimoto, and six months of collaboration between Nick and Tim have produced amazing results. The RAINMAKER U.S.A model will be made at the same elite quality level of all Sugi instruments and available to the American guitarist at a very affordable price.