Season’s Collction 2014 〜 SPRING 〜 - Sugi Guitars

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Season’s Collction 2014 〜 SPRING 〜


Season’s Collction 2014

Introducing Sugi Guitars Limited “Season’s Collection 2014”
For Spring we built Two color variations based on our images of Spring.
The first one is “Cherry Blossom Pink” on Quilted maple with Cherry Blossoms on the Pick-up covers.
The second model is “Fresh Spring Green” on Quilted Maple with Azure Blue Butterflies on Pick-up cover.

Check back soon to see our “Summer edition”

DS496C EM/AT/H-MAHO2P/CBP(Cherry Blossom Pink)

SH485QC EM/H-MAHO/SPG(Spring Green)

NB5C EM/ASH/CBP(Cherry Blossom Pink)

NB5E 33 EM/A-MAHO/SPGB(Spring Green Burst)