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New wood materials


Nick has purchased new wood materials for his new instruments.

Claro Walnut
This is basically a similar one to Claro Walnut that we usually use but you can see its grain pattern that looks like….

Claro Walnut Feather Crotch
This part is from the point of branch out of Claro Walnut. This dense material produces tighter tone.

Curly Ebony
This might be a good one for Bass. It has grain like MacArthur Ebony with Ziricote-like grain pattern. Light color parts at bottom side are nice too.

Flamed Myrtlewood
This would be good for guitars. It will produce a dry tone.

How do you like these wood materials?
We will be introducing nice materials like these soon again. Please contact us if you are interested in making your guitar or bass with one of those materials.

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