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Erik Söderlind


Photo : Jan Perneros

Sugi stands for craftsmanship and Japanese quality excellence in every aspect. My Sugi SH485 has great sustain and a tone that works perfectly with a wide variety of musical styles. It gives me lots of opportunities and a possibility to expand my own way of playing. Moreover: it’s easy to carry a Sugi with you – a perfect guitar for the tour. I can really recommend this model.

ー Erik Söderlind

Photo : Jan Perneros

This SH485 is semi-hollow body construction and has Sugi Original Hum-bucking pickups.
The Neck and body back is Honduras Mahogany and the top is solid Exotic Maple, as we call it.
Other body top materials available such as Claro Walnut, Exotic Myrtle.
It creates more resonance like a semi-acoustic guitar sound even though the body size is so small.

Erik Söderlind
Guitarist and composer Erik Söderlind represents a new generation of young musicians that defines the contemporary Swedish jazz scene. He tours regularly internationally and has played with the likes of Magnus Lindgren, Jojje Wadenius, Nils Landgren, Victoria Tolstoy and Barbara Hendricks and Frank Vignola. Musically he’s an innovator rooted in tradition, and his unique style of playing and ability to improvise makes him one of the most charismatic and expressive Swedish jazz guitarists ever. He is currently working on his third solo album which will be released in spring by 2015.