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Guitar Components & Elements


“Sugi guitars and basses are designed and built with the working stage musicians in mind.
From the shape of the body to the balance of the instruments ; from the shape of the neck to the clean clear output of the pickups, we have drawn on our 40 years of design experience working with the most famous brands of guitars and the super stars of music to bring it all together in Sugi guitars and Basses.”

Aqua Timber

This wood is still shrouded in mystery to some. We are proud to have been industry pioneers in the application of this fantastic wood for instrument building. Its advantages are scientifically verifiable. More importantly, we have found its effects on the instrument are obvious to the musician when compared and tested. Sugi guitars uses this rarest of woods in the necks of its detachable DS models exclusively, as well as laminated in our NB bass necks with other woods.

Truss Rod

You don’t see it and may never need to access it, but the adjustable truss rod is an important feature that insures your guitar a long life precise playability. All Sugi Instruments are made with our own design Stainless Steel double-acting, double rod, designed to our demanding requirements,


At Sugi guitars we DON’T use off the shelf pickups! Again, from our years working with the major names in guitars, we have developed the ability to design, and the relationships to have quality pickups built to our specifications by a leading industry maker. This is one feature that very few the industry giants can gain access to. It gives us great freedom of design, and the ability to produce instruments tailored to the sound we are seeking.

Fret Work

On all the Sugi guitars and basses the fret edges are shaped and polished for ultimate comfort and playability.

Our Goal

Sugi Guitars goal is well focused.
We want to use our extensive experience in the design and building of high quality guitars, honed to precision by decades in the industry; to showcase our abilities, and bring our efforts to the world’s musicians.